The Deltona Youth Soccer Club will be having its annual general meeting in March of 2017. We will have 3 Executive Board positions up for elections. President, Treasurer and the Vice President 2.  We will also be looking for a Vice President which will be an appointed position by the executive board. DYSC Board is a volunteer Board these positions are not paid.  If you would like to run for DYSC Executive Board or if you have any questions please email the Vice President, with your letter of intent to run. This must be received no later than February 7, 2017.  Job descriptions for Board positions are located on our Website under the Club By-Laws.

The current registrar and bookkeeper will be stepping down after the spring season and we are looking for someone to fill those paid positions.  We would love to find someone now so they can be trained during the spring season. If you’re interested in the registrar and bookkeeping position or if you have any questions please email the Vice President,


Thank You

Jim D’Errico

Deltona Youth Soccer Club, Vice President


DYSC Families, As we begin our season please keep in mind, if it is raining your individual coach would be the one to cancel your practice(so please contact your coaches and/or team managers) It is very rare that the City of Deltona will close the fields but if and when they do it will be posted on our website and Facebook. Thank you!



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